Helium Extraction System


Helium gas is non-renewable and valuable resource, which playing a quite important role in our society. Helium gas has a lot of applications such as scientific research, cryogenic superconductivity, space leakage test, medicine, welding, automobile industries worldwide.

Vacree Helium extraction system can extract crude Helium gas from the bill off gas of the LNG or Helium-bearing gas well directly through the PSA & membrane separation coupling technologies firstly , then improve the crude Helium gas into 99.999% (5.0 grade). The cryogenic condensation adsorption, membrane separation & PSA technologies are employed in the extraction system. The system consists of crude Helium gas extraction unit, catalytic dehydrogenation unit (If H2 included) and refined Helium gas purification unit (cryogenic Helium Purifier).  If the output is LHe, we can also offer the solution of the Helium Liquefaction unit as an option. 

The feasibility study of extracting helium from a BOG of natural gas is quite complicated. But the most crucial thing is about the investment return rate and system technical reliability.

Our proposal will make our clients have a big economic benefit with low operating cost. Pls feel free to contact us for more details.