The realization of any project starts with design. Our skilled engineers have tons of experiences and expertise in designing cryogenics and vacuum. When our engineers fully understand client’s requirements through the sufficient communications, they will utilize the SolidWorks, ANSYS, Auto CAD, Sw6, CATIA to transfer the conceptual design or rough idea in clients’ mind till final design approval by both parties. Normally our engineers will be appointed as the PM (project manager) to ensure the functionality of our designs. Besides the functionality, our engineers will also consider the balance economical accountability, environmental factors, safety demands, financial aspects, junction with other projects and many other factors. Our engineers as well as their designs are inclusive. We are pleased to cooperate with other companies or manufacturers t, as long as the components which clients prefer (e.g. tanks, compressors, valves, pumps, etc.) are acceptable from the point of technical parameters.


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To minimize the period of execution and improve the efficiency, we also provide the “turnkey” solutions starting from the conceptual and detailed designs, material selection, procurement, manufacturing, delivery, installation, commissioning, putting into operation, maintenance.

In addition to the standard design work as above, the inspection plan is also regarded as a part of design stage. Basically, our engineering and quality team will work together to discuss and define the milestone and highlight the key points from quality risk point of view. Finally, the MIP (Manufacture & Inspection Plan) will be worked out as a part of FDR and approved by our client, which will lead us in the whole project execution. The complete quality dossier will be handed over to our clients for acceptance in the end.


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