Through nearly 20 years’ development, we found that the qualified fabrication subcontractor is vital to help us to realize the design thought. Nowadays China become the machining center of the World. But actually, it is not easy to find a qualified cryogenics fabrication partners in China.

Because most workshops do not know much about the cryogenics and ignored some potential risk under cryogenic environments. The cryogenics machining processes are quite complex, which may not only cover the basic metal machining work, but also include the WPS, welding brazing or soldering, stress release stamping, wrapping, rivet, cleaning,NDE, cryogenic Charpy test, Helium leakage test, etc.




Vacree has been integrating the machining fabrication capabilities and optimizing the best supply service through the China. Now we have finalized and build three long term workshops with skilled technicians. Vacree is very pleased to subcontract the cryogenic components fabrication package upon the client’s drawing as well.


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