Basically, cryogenics is the research about how to reach or maintain an extremely low temperature (from -150℃ to -273.15℃).


Vacree technologies Co., Ltd. is the 1st cryogenic company in China since 2003, the name is a compound word from vacuum, cryogenics and electronics, which are the core expertise in the field of cryogenics. Vacree has been committed to the research and development of cryogenics and UHV equipment and system from very beginning. The products include, but not limited to, cryocooler, cryopump, cryostats and helium purifier widely applied in semiconductor, integrated circuit, superconducting accelerators infrastructure, space, defense, industrial gas, optical fiber, etc.


As a national high-tech and cryogenics technology driven company, what we could offer is one-stop cryogenics solutions, from design, engineering, manufacturing, testing, delivery and installation.


Derived from Cryogenics Electronics Institute of China, we have the most dedicated cryogenics engineers in China. Besides, Vacree organizes the internal consultancy technology committee consist of the leading cryogenics experts from China National labs, who can give us valuable suggestions at the project stage if necessary.


Adhering to our philosophy of "Vitality, Efficiency and Innovation”, with the goal of “Building a world-famous cryogenic enterprise”, Vacree is dedicated to provide high-quality products and service to our customers all over the world.

Quick Facts

2003 April 8th


158 people


25 Million

Annual Turnover

Established: April 8th 2003

Employee: 158

Annual Turnover: US$ 25 Million

Location: Hefei, Middle East of China

1.5Hrs from Shanghai or 2 Hrs from Beijing by flight