1H 2H 3H Separation

The importance of Deuterium and Tritium for nuclear fusion is self-evident. Hydrogen isotope separation is the key technology to obtain Deuterium and Tritium, and cryogenic distillation is internationally recognized as the mainstream technology for Hydrogen isotope separation.

1H 2H 3H Separation 



Technical parameters:

Inlet gas process capacity: ≥ 0.5 m3/ h

Inlet gas content: Protium Deuterium mixture, Deuterium content 500ppm

Outlet gas HD column top component: < 2 × 10-5

Outlet gas HD column bottom component: > 1%

Leakage rate of cold box: ≤ 1 × 10-9pa · m· S-1

Vacuum of cold box: ≤1 × 10-3pa

Effective cooling capacity of column top: ≥ 85W@20K

It can realize the automatic control of temperature, pressure, flow and other parameters