Vacuum Insulated Pipe


Vacuum insulated pipe, also called VIP, is used to transfer cryogenic liquids, such as LHe, LN2, LH2, LAr, LNG, etc. To minimize heat transfer and realize the efficient and cost-effective transfer of cryogenic liquids, VIP is double-walled. The inner pipe carries the cryogenic liquid. It is wrapped with multiple layers of super insulation and a non-conductive spacer. This creates a space between the two pipes that is “pumped down” using a vacuum pump to create a static vacuum shield. In addition to the insulation material, the getter material will further maintain and protect the vacuum. Compared with traditional cryogenic fluid transfer line, the heat leakage value of VIP is only 0.05~0.035 times of traditional one’s. VIP can significantly save energy and cost for customers. So VIPs are extensively applied in air separation, gases, aviation, electronics, superconductor, chips, automation assembly, food & beverage, pharmacy, hospital, biobank, rubber, new material manufacturing chemical engineering, iron & steel, and scientific research etc.