Cryogenic Helium Purifier


Cryogenic Helium Purifier can improve the impure Helium into N5.5 grade (5.5 helium = 99.9995% purity) ultra-pure Helium gas by the following steps:  After pressurized by the inlet compressor, the impure Helium captured will be removed moisture and oil through the oil-water separator, then it flows into the dryer unit to remove residual moisture and carbon dioxide, taking advantage of cryogenic condensation and freeze technology to remove the residual air impurity from the cold box pre-cooled by LN2 , which consists of the heat exchanger, phase separator and adsorber cylinder. Finally acquiring the UHP Helium and filling the gas cylinder bundles or container. The main components include dryer unit, cold box, regeneration vacuum pump, gas distribution panel and control cabinet with compact skid-mounted structure.


UHP Helium purifier is typically applied in recovery and purification of the Helium for scientific research (specially to recover the impure Helium from refrigeration and liquefaction plant of superconducting machine), nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), Helium liquefaction, ballon industry, optical fiber preforms sintering, leakage detection, etc.


Description Unit Index
Capacity Nm3 30-200
Outlet Purity % ≥99.9995% / N5.5 grade
Working Pressure bar 25-200
Pressure Drop bar ≤2
Absorbent Type:   Activated charcoal/Molecular sieve
Operation / Fully automatic 24Hrs Running Optional
Certification/Standard   CE/PED, ASME, JIS, GB available