Cryogenic Cryostat


Superconducting(SC)cryostat is a box structure equipment that provides a cryogenic temperature (1.8K~ 4.2K), ultra-high vacuum ( <5×10-4pa) adiabatic environment and adiabatic support for accelerator superconducting cavity, superconducting magnet and other internal acceleration units.

The cryostat is mainly composed of He vessel, magnetic shield, supporting components (Tie Rods), thermal shield, MTL and vacuum vessel. 

CiADS Project at IMP

Item Specification
Operating temperature of the He vessel: 1.8k~4.2K
Operating temperature of thermal shield: 77K-80K
Heat leakage: 12W@4.2K(Static)
Vacuum leakage rate ≤1×10-9pa.m3/s
Vacuum < 5× 10-3Pa at room temperature,
  <5× 10-4 Pa at cryogenics temperature
Outline Dimensions: 5250mm×1470mm ×1517mm
Post load capacity: ≥ 5T; test load capacity: ≥ 10T
Insulation: high vacuum+ multi-layer insulation
Design, Manufacturing &inspection CE/PED, ASME, GB, JIS
Available Materials: 316(L),304(L), Copper (T2) Ti(TC4),G11/10, etc.



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