SC Cable Cooling

SC Cable Cooling


Superconductivity is a phenomenon whereby a charge moves through a material without resistance. In theory this allows electrical energy to be transferred between two points with perfect efficiency, losing nothing to heat. In order to operate superconducting cable, cooling with liquefied Nitrogen is required. The cooling system VACREE designed provides the cooling environment for superconducting cable which is the first one in China. VACREE has a better understanding of cooling technology than any other domestic company in constructing cooling facility.




Specifications for Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute (SECRI)


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Operating temperature of subcooled LN2 66K~79K
Operating Pressure 5.4~11 bar
Rated current 2200A (power frequency effective value)
Heat Leakage ≤8000w( not including the LN2 return)
Rated voltage 35KV (power frequency effective value)
Type 3Ph/ parallel-core
Length 1200m