Cryogenic Distribution Box


A cryogenic distribution box or cryogenic valve box is arranged between the cryogenic system and the terminal equipment; whose function is to split the cryogenic liquid into various terminal devices through the integrated valves and cryogenic transfer line. The cryogenic distribution box is mainly composed of vacuum vessel, LN thermal shield, pipeline system, various regulating valves, heat exchanger, temperature, pressure, liquid level and other measurement and control electronics components. 

The vacuum vessel provides high vacuum insulation for the internal cryogenic components. In order to reduce the radiation from room temperature to the cryogenic components, the LN thermal shield usually uses copper or aluminum plates with winding copper or aluminum pipe welded on the surface; The regulating valves adjust the opening positions according to the signals from sensors of the liquid level, pressure, temperature, to achieve the purpose of adjusting the relevant parameters of cryogenic liquid.

BEPCII Project at IHEP

Item Specification
Applicable medium LHe、GHe、LN2、GN2
Operating temperature 1.8~4.2k,80K
Design pressure -1bar
Insulation method High vacuum +multiple layers insulation
Vacuum leakage rate ≤1×10-10pa.m3/s
≤1×10-10pa.m3/s <1×10-3pa
Dimension Ø1274x750
Design, Manufacturing &inspection CE/PED, ASME, GB, JIS
Available Materials: 316(L),304(L), Copper(T2) Ti (TC4),G11/10, etc.
Valves Experienced Velen, Weka, Toko,etc


Cryogenic Distribution Box