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Cryogenic engineer

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Job Responsibilities:
Responsible for making project plans, assisting the planning department to make progress plans and tracking plans, and preparing complete technical documents required for production. Assist team leader or project leader to complete project and product development tasks. Organize project team members to assist manufacturing department in assembling experiment and solve technical problems in assembling experiment.

Job Requirement or Major:
1. Master degree or above in cryogenic, refrigeration, vacuum, thermal power, chemical, mechanical or related field.
1. Proficient in drawing with CAD and Solidworks
2. Have certain professional knowledge of mechanical, material, heat transfer, fluid mechanics simulation and so on.
3. Familiar with the production process and working principle of products.
4. Able to grasp the development trend and trend of the major and solve the technical problems in project implementation

Contact information:
Company official website:
Contact number: 0551-65373294
Contact: Qi Dan, Wu Yan Yi
Mail box:
Company Location: 189 Haitang Road, High-tech Zone, Hefei City, Anhui Province
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