Vacuum Insulated Pipe


Vacuum Insulated Pipe (also named as VIP) is designed to minimize cryogenic fluid heat loss. It is composed of outer pipe, inner pipe, MLI (Multi-layer insulation), spacers, absorbent, bellow structure for compensation and evacuation valve. On-site welding couplings or Johnston couplings are adopted between each pipeline, featuring easy installation and maintenance. VACREE can design and manufacture VIP for various of cryogenic fluids. such as LHe, LN2, LH2, LAr, LNG, etc.  VIP is extensively applied in LNG, space, research laboratory, pharmaceutical industries, etc.



Design Temperature ≥-270℃
Medium LHe、LO2、LN2、LH2、LAr、LNG etc.
Insulation High Vacuum +MTL insulation
Heat Loss 0.5-2W/m
Vacuum Leakage ≤1×10-10Pa·m3/s
Vacuum ≤4.0×10-3Pa
Material Stainless Steel
Strength Test of Inner pipe 1.5*Nominal Pressure
Air Seal Test of inner pipe 1.1*Nominal Pressure
Applicable Standard EN13408, ASME B31.3. Other code upon request


Item Specifications Inner Pipe (mm) Outer Pipe (mm)
1 DN4 Φ6 Φ38
2 DN6 Φ8 Φ38
3 DN8 Φ10 Φ57
4 DN10 Φ12 &Φ57
5 DN15 Φ20 Φ78
6 DN20 Φ25 Φ89
7 DN25 Φ32 Φ89
8 DN32 Φ38 Φ108
9 DN40 Φ45 Φ108
10 DN50 Φ57 Φ114
11 DN65 Φ76 Φ133
12 DN80 Φ89 Φ159
13 DN120 Φ108 Φ168
14 DN125 Φ133 Φ219
15 DN150 Φ159 Φ273
16 DN200 Φ219 Φ352
17 DN250 Φ273 Φ408
1、≤DN100 bayonet connection to be preferred
2、>DN100 to be Welding ends
3、DN>250 can be supplied upon request as well.